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Brett Rosenberger

Pleasanton, California

Certificaciones / diplomas / títulos

- Masters in Coaching

- Univ of Barcelona (Johan Cruyff Institute)

- UEFA A Scotland

- UEFA B Germany

- Match Analysis (FC Barcelona)

- Advanced Match Analysis (FC Barcelona)

- Curriculum Design (Misa)

- Coach Instructor (Misa)

Responsabilidades de coaching anteriores

- Academy Coach

- College Coach

- Pro Coach

- Academy Director

- Club Consultant

Responsabilidades actuales de coaching

- UGKA Board of Directors Member

- Director Azteca Proving Grounds (res program)

- MLSNext Head Coach

- California State Univeristy Assistant Coach


Quote / Mission / Vision Statement:

"Talent hits the target no one can hit.  Leadership hits the target no one can see."

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